Week Twelve Recap:

This week was all over the place. The Colts came back again and won at the end of the game. Minnesota played another pathetic opponent and crushed them. The Chargers were the latest example of a team looking perfect against Kansas City. Colts and Saints still deservedly undefeated. How about the Titans winning 5 in a row and getting back into it?

So are any of these teams playoff contenders or not? I’ll just go through it then, leaving out the teams who are obviously done and the teams who are clearly in:

Jacksonville: Sure
Denver: Whatever
Green Bay: Barely
Dallas: Yes
Cincy: Yes
Altanta: Doesn’t matter
Baltimore: I’ll buy it…
San Diego: Yes
Philadelphia: Oh My yes…
New York Giants: Yeah, right…
Arizona: Yes, but they’re a first round doormat this year
NY Jets: No
Miami: No
Pittsburgh: No (!)
Tennessee: Who Knows maybe? Would be an interesting story to cover…

How many of you had New Orleans and the Vikings as 1 and 2 seeds in the NFC? I bet not a whole hell of a lot of you. That’s why American Football is an inexact science.

Man, even with all of the injuries you’d think the Steelers would better than they are. Baltimore looked really driven in that game and could sneak into the playoffs and I wouldn’t object at all. They’re scrappy like the Eagles are scrappy…not dominant but can squeak through like the best of them.

Here’s this week’s picks:

New York Jets 16, Buffalo Bills 15

Minnesota Vikings 40, Arizona Cardinals 24

New England Patriots 28, Miami Dolphins 10

New Orleans Saints 46, Washington Redskins 24

Tennessee Titans 24, Indianapolis Colts 21

Jacksonville Jaguars 24, Houston Texans 23

Pittsburgh Steelers 29, Oakland Raiders 13

St. Louis Rams 14, Chicago Bears 10

Philadelphia Eagles 31, Atlanta Falcons 10

Carolina Panthers 20, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17

Cincinnati Bengals 31, Detroit Lions 6

Dallas Cowboys 27, New York Giants 19

San Diego Chargers 34, Cleveland Browns 13

Baltimore Ravens 23, Green Bay Packers 17

Denver Broncos 30, Kansas City Chiefs 14

Seattle Seahawks 28, San Francisco 49ers 17

In week 13 I look for the playoff race to hopefully get more complicated just like everybody else who writes about sports.

The NY Jets / Buffalo Bills game is going to be in Toronto, Canada this week. I’m not really sure why the NFL continues to do this, I don’t think it’s really necessary and it screws four teams out of a home game every year.

The Cowboys could pretty much seal the division this week if they beat the Giants and Philly loses, but I don’t think Philly loses even on the road.

The Chargers are believable and I am one of those believers. They’re not a Super Bowl team but only because of the competition in their conference, otherwise they would be very, very close.

I’ll be back next week chasing those visions of sugar plumbs dancing around the inside of your head with a sword. You might want to pick up some Aspirin.



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