Cal's "New Release" Picks

Cal’s “New Release” Picks 12/1/09

492 box 348x490 - Cal’s “New Release” Picks 12/1/09

As the year winds down, we still have a few releases on the horizon that are worth picking up.


492 box 348x490 - Cal’s “New Release” Picks 12/1/09

A Christmas Tale (2008) – Criterion sure knows how to give a movie the royal treatment and I have eagerly awaited this release.  A holiday gathering filled with loss, rivalry and love all built around an ailing mother who is struggling with cancer and needs a bone marrow transplant.  This will not be the uplifting Christmas film that you are looking for (watch Christmas Vacation) but it is a must watch movie that is very thick and rewarding.

Video Games:

51xaRKNOeoL. SL500 AA280 - Cal’s “New Release” Picks 12/1/09

Resident Evil Zero (Wii) – Yes this game is a little tedious with the constant switching back and forth between the two main characters, but if you like me and needing you Resident Evil fix to get you through the long wait for RE 6, this is a buy for you.  This was originally released for the Game Cube and was supposed to be a great next step for those who loved RE 4 and overall the game isn’t great it will do for the time being.


rl tristeza fateunfolds lg - Cal’s “New Release” Picks 12/1/09

Tristeza – Fate Unfolds – It has been 3 long years without any sort of Tristeza release so I would have to say that I am a little geeked.  Spine and Sensory which was released in ’99 was such a solid record, I will have to purchase the expanded reissue in preparation for their post-rock glory.  I hold out hope for the return of some solid instrumental post-rock, from the days before it was all watered down and boring.

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