Holopaw – The Retelling

jkholopaw - Holopaw – The Retelling

Holopaw has asked 24 visual artist to respond to/remix/reimagine their latest release Oh, Glory. Oh, Wilderness.  You can follow the submissions at the Holopaw blogspot here.

Info from the site: 24 visual artists were asked to respond to/remix/reimagine Holopaw’s new release, Oh, Glory. Oh, Wilderness. The name of the project was derived from a line in the song “The Lazy Matador” that reads, “In the retelling let it be rendered just a pinprick, just a puncture, just a scratch.” The remarkable contributions to The Retelling took the form of painting, drawing, collage, video, film, and performance. We will post the results here over the next several weeks.

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