Cal’s Quick Thoughts

1311 MarshFamily - Cal’s Quick Thoughts

  • I don’t really know which has been worse, the second half of Season 13 for South Park (Whale Whores made me laugh) or the latest season of Family Guy.
  • Head over to because they have some great Criterion Collection movies (Seven Samurai, Third Man, For All Mankind, M) that are a “must buy” for the movie lover on your Christmas list.
  • The Third Man is out of print according to the official Criterion site so snatch up a copy if you can find one.
  • Invictus comes out in a few weeks and it looks like a great holiday movie (it helps that I used to play rugby).
  • Robert Rodriguez seems to think that he can save the Predator franchise from the streaming heap that it has become (see AVP 1 & 2)
  • I haven’t been a fan of Death Cab For Cutie since The Photo Album, but this is still a great song 

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