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So, Pittsburgh lost to Kansas City AND the Bengals lost to the Raiders? Ravens lost to Steelers and if the Browns were playing somewhere I’m sure they got embarrassed too? Rough week for the AFC North…

This would usually be the paragraph where I talk about Jay Cutler, but I would assume that anyone who watches football can fill in most of whatever space I have to cover here. But in case that’s not good enough for you…

The Bears are ___________________

Jay Cutler is ___________________

Need extra space? Turn this blog over for more room…

The 49ers are toy…and I’m upset because I had them finishing first in that division by a long shot…It’s clear now that the Arizona Cardinals own that division and there is no doubt that the 49ers have to be molded into a better team to win more games, or at least enough to qualify…I thought they could do it this year but at the end of the day they’re still too sloppy for the strategy that their coach hopes to enforce…The Seahawks are garbage and have a poorly put together team with the exception of a couple of good special teams players (Which will never win you championships) and Obviously the Rams were playing so poorly looking at offers from Rush Limbaugh. I’m not sure that it wouldn’t be funny as hell to let Ann Coulter fill in at halfback for a couple of plays, deny her shower access, and then see if she still holds the same stance on universal health care. I hope so…she’s a very handsome woman. I could make that prank happen if you gave me enough time. I’m sure Hillbloom would help…

Giants got ran and still won…They’ve decided to air it out the rest of the year and completely abandon the running game, neither of which will encourage their defense to show up on Sunday, but hey…whatever they think might work at this point would be great…but all joking set aside, if their defense doesn’t show up they’re not gonna need to be worried about anything because the postseason won’t be there for them.

Colts won another close one…Saints won another one that was not so close (they may have the best schedule in the league with the exception of the New England game next week) and they continued to cast a shadow over the opponent without exposing how mediocre their defense can be…

New England made a bad decision…to be perfectly honest with you, I thought they had it…and that only in retrospect is it a bad call. I thought he had the ball over the 30 yard line and that game was over. He could have punted, but he didn’t and it was a much better game because of that…

NE is still hard as hell. They’re still going to break you down bit by bit like they did to the Jets today and not let you in on any of it. And obviously it seems like I am trying to kiss my editor’s hind, but they are the real deal.

I am reluctant to pick anything this week, but pick I must: Here are the picks for week 12:

Dallas Cowboys 26, Oakland Raiders 24

Green Bay Packers 37, Detroit Lions 14

New York Giants 24, Denver Broncos 17

Miami Dolphins 34, Buffalo Bills 9

Jacksonville Jaguars 24, San Francisco 49ers 20

Minnesota Vikings 32, Chicago Bears 15

Carolina Panthers 27, New York Jets 10

Pittsburgh Steelers 17, Baltimore Ravens 15

San Diego Chargers 31, Kansas City Chiefs

Arizona Cardinals 47, Tennessee Titans 35

Cincinnati Bengals 28, Cleveland Browns 12

Atlanta Falcons 35, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 19

Seattle Seahawks 29, St. Louis Rams 7

Philadelphia Eagles 27, Washington Redskins 24

Indianapolis Colts 37, Houston Texans 32

New England Patriots 31, New Orleans Saints 23

So, if everything started right NOW, the Saints and the Vikes would have first round byes…And the Colts coupled with any one of 5 teams in the AFC.

Do I want to see a Colts / Saints Super Bowl? Not really…I mean, if they both finish undefeated, it would be impressive, but since there aren’t a lot of marquee players on each team (although a lot of those guys will be someday) it could actually turn out to be a boring game. Or one for the ages. I just want to make sure I predict both possibilities so I can be right no matter what.

However, I still have the Patriots beating the Saints in the Super Bowl 34-27.

For some weird reason (that’s probably enhanced by the fact that the Steelers lost to KC) I continue to force myself to believe that New England can do it, as much as I don’t want them to…as much as they probably don’t deserve it…right now I think that they could easily win the Super Bowl with everything they have going for them.

It’s turkey day on Thursday, make sure you have all of your poultry in place before I lose attention and end this sentence with nothing. What would be even worse is if I started another sentence with no intentions of finishing.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody…and I hope you get to spend it with your loved ones.



  • You’re way more optimistic about the Pats than I am. They’ve shown some vulnerabilities that I’m not sure I’m comfortable with. Of course, they have a few more weeks in the season to correct those things, but that has yet to be seen.

    PS how do I make a donation to the Andrew Round Preservation Society? it sounds like a good cause.

  • I’m still with New England even though I hate them because they can still get really really hot and be a lot better than IND, NO, and MIN can. They can beat ANY of those teams soundly when they’re on their game.

    Now, they could lose every one of those games if they’re not, and that’s why there’s so much buzz about the undefeated right now.

    It’s not a good cause. It’s a complete scam.

    I tell you about everything and maybe I’ll let you slide away for 15%. We’ll discuss it over seafood.

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