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First and foremost, I would like to apologize for these articles coming later and later in the week. The Christmas season is upon us and mine has started VERY early this year. I will try and do my best to have everything done and ready to read by Tuesday morning from now on…

Week Ten Recap:

Colts / Patriots game is obviously the talk of the week. In a game like that, accurate officiating is important because in the end it could come down to one play, and that’s really all I’m going to say about that.

Kinda disappointed that the Saints had the Rams give them a run for their money…I thought they were tougher than that but they looked extremely sloppy in that game.

Dick Juaron got fired. And yet somehow without him the Bills are even less interesting. Larry Johnson got signed by the Bengals, and regardless of whatever everybody says it’s a good move because Cedric Benson just got hurt.

Here are my predictions for week 11:

Carolina Panthers 26, Miami Dolphins 20

Indianapolis Colts 37, Baltimore Ravens 17

Dallas Cowboys 34, Washington Redskins 6

Detroit Lions 20, Cleveland Browns 3

Green Bay Packers 21, San Francisco 49ers 18

New Orleans Saints 44, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24

Jacksonville Jaguars 24, Buffalo Bills 9

Minnesota Vikings 38, Seattle Seahawks 0

New England Patriots 35, New York Jets 22

New York Giants 28, Atlanta Falcons 24

Philadelphia Eagles 27, Chicago Bears 9

Cincinnati Bengals 38, Oakland Raiders 10

Pittsburgh Steelers 41, Kansas City Chiefs 17

Houston Texans 14, Tennessee Titans 13

San Diego Chargers 20, Denver Broncos 10

Arizona Cardinals 35, St. Louis Rams 11

Bye weeks end this week, so all 32 teams are playing, which equals more football for us to watch. I expect the Cowboys to really take out their frustrations as a result of the Green Bay game and I expect the Redskins to fall apart, and to have Jim Zorn fired by Monday.

Additionally, I look for Denver to keep losing and I look for San Diego to use that game as a platform to stay ahead of them the rest of the season. Bengals should have an easy week against Oakland and if they win that game they improve to 8-2. (!)

I look for the Giants to win at home against the Falcons. They can’t lose 5 in a row, the fifth being after a bye week. If they do, it’s over and one of the biggest collapses in the history of a franchise that’s had plenty.

And don’t rag on me for picking against the Bears. They’re terrible, and I’m really convinced the trade was a mistake…maybe for both teams.

I don’t believe any of the NFL’s elite teams will lose this week, as none of them have real serious challenges. Indy vs. Baltimore is close to it, but the Colts will figure it out and win that game.



  • I really don’t know how you are not spending more time talking about the game of the week…..The Detroit Lions (formerly known as The Pontiac Pussycats) vs. The Cleveland Brady Quinns.

  • The Pats are going to take out all the frustrations on the Jets this week. Especially because the Jets beat them last time and talked so much shit. I expect a mad Pats team and a blow out.

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