Week 9 Overview: Have to say I was shocked at the result of the Tampa / Green Bay game…Tampa’s an awful football team and they’re going to lose that game 9 times out of ten times.

The New York Giants are complete failures. They folded like a chair four weeks ago and haven’t won a game in over a month.

The Saints survived another scare…But they play so well in the second half I don’t think that it really matters anymore.

The Bears played poorly, and likely will lose Tommie Harris to either suspension or some mixed martial arts league. Arizona is slowly pulling away with that division.

Vince Young started and won but they sure don’t trust him to throw the ball very much. (12 for 19) It’s interesting because I can kind of see them grooming him to be the same type of quarterback Big Ben was the year of Super Bowl 40. The whole “Look man, don’t be a hero” speech…As long as he can go out and manage the game he’s fine. They got a good rushing attack so that’s cool…

This week will prove to have a lot of lopsided football:

Kansas City Chiefs 24, Oakland Raiders 11

Philadelphia Eagles 37, San Diego Chargers 14

Green Bay Packers 27, Dallas Cowboys 19

Arizona Cardinals 23, Seattle Seahawks 0

Denver Broncos 24, Washington Redskins 16

Buffalo Bills 11, Tennessee Titans 10 (Bad game)

San Francisco 49ers 49, Chicago Bears 14

Pittsburgh Steelers 24, Cincinnati Bengals 10

Minnesota Vikings 35, Detroit Lions 8

New Orleans Saints 37, St. Louis Rams 15

Baltimore Ravens 34, Cleveland Browns 13

Miami Dolphins 23, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7

Indianapolis Colts (Home) 38, New England Patriots 34

Bye Weeks: Houston Texans and the New York Giants

Obviously the Pats / Colts game is the game of the week, but it’ll be interesting to see how close the Bengals can hold the Steelers.

Watch Philadelphia…I’m telling you…



  • Tommie Harris what an idiot. Not only did he have a wrist wrap already, he punched him in the helmet right in front of the ref. Typical Bears players. Where do you think Larry Johnson will end up?

  • Larry Johnson will either go to Oakland or Seattle but there’s no way he’s going to be THE guy on any team at all.

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say not the 49ers…

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