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Week 7 Recap:

The Vikings lost. Thank God. The Giants got it handed to them at home because of countless mistakes. The Steelers are the Steelers. Patriots keep winning.

I’ve obviously been riding the Saints this year, but they’re the best 2nd half team in football. They were down 21 points and STILL won 46-34. I am going to keep rolling with them.

I told you the Raiders were full of shit. Zero points…Dumb prediction anyway…

Here are the picks for week 8:

Denver Broncos 25, Baltimore Ravens 23

St. Louis Rams 22, Detroit Lions 14

Green Bay 34, Minnesota Vikings 32

San Diego Chargers 24, Oakland Raiders 13

Tennessee Titans 28, Jacksonville Jaguars 14

Carolina Panthers 27, Arizona Cardinals 21

Chicago Bears 17, Cleveland Browns 6 (Expect this to be an ugly football game)

Indianapolis Colts 32, San Francisco 49ers 17

Houston Texans 16, Buffalo Bills 14

Miami Dolphins 34, New York Jets 27

Dallas Cowboys 26, Seattle Seahawks 14

New York Giants 27, Philadelphia Eagles 18

New Orleans Saints 36, Atlanta Falcons 14

BYES: Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, Minnesota Vikings, New York Jets, Oakland Raiders, St. Louis Rams

This week I look for the Saints to remain undefeated. I look for the Giants to finally bounce back and the Colts to continue to dominate. Dallas can make a move up into that next level of playoff contenders with a win this week. Yes, I picked the Broncos to beat the Ravens. I’ll feel a lot better about it when I’m right. Other than that I expect a lot of teams to stay in the same place.

The only real issue here is the Vikings / Packers game. And it doesn’t have anything to do with that hick “goin’ home” to play at his “ol’ stompin’ grounds” either. Since Minnesota lost this week, the Packers can really make some serious competition with a win in a statement game.

And I do plan on having some bacon Tuesday morning…We’ll see though…

You know you love me…


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