The Giants lost and they deserved it. Infighting going on, things just preparing to fall the hell apart.

Cardinals / Seahawks played (I think, have editor double check)

Cincinnati…whatever…it’s over.

New England probably didn’t need to rub it in as much as they did but at the same time, I would have probably smeared that team if I was coach B. I still hate them but right now I get this weird suspicion that they’re going to be in the AFC Championship for some reason. And probably beat the Indianapolis Colts…

The Bears and the Jets showed me they’re both average .500 teams…You can throw Philly in that batch too…



Minnesota and Denver are still overrated. I don’t want to hear about it anymore.

The titans are awfully disappointing. So enough about them from this point forward.

Here’s this weak’s pix!!!

San Diego Chargers 27, Kansas City Chiefs 3

Chicago Bears 35, Cincinnati Bengals 3

New York Jets 25, Oakland Raiders 14

Atlanta Falcons 30, Dallas Cowboys 13 (God, I hope so…)

New England Patriots 45, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10

Philadelphia Eagles 26, Washington Redskins 9

New York Giants 34, Arizona Cardinals 24

New Orleans Saints 154, Miami Dolphins ?

Buffalo Bills R, Carolina Panthers S (Gambling on this game? Call 1-800-BETS OFF.)

Pittsburgh Steelers 27, Minnesota Vikings 26

Indianapolis Colts play St. Louis? Man, that’s the game? OK…49-7…

Green Bay Packers 31, Cleveland Browns 14

San Francisco 49ers 24, Houston Texans 16

BYES: Baltimore, Denver, Detroit, Jacksonville,

There’s a game in London this week, so I amuse you would want to imagine me speaking in some sort of humorous British accent, but that’s not gonna be a good game and London doesn’t care about NFL stuff…

Lot of games I don’t care about this week…But the next couple weeks after that are solid as hell…

The Lions have a bye week, thank God…



  • I like the AFC championship love your starting to believe in the Pats. I was surprised, but pleased with the G-men’s loss to the Saints. I still think Denver is overrated, but the Vikings look strong. I hope the Ravens provided somewhat of a blue print on how to beat the Vikings.

  • It’s July 2010 and I still think Denver’s overrated

    I touched my Tebow in the shower this morning.

    IN – COMP – LETE !!!


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