Cincinnati Bengals 21, Houston Texans 6

Chicago Bears 21, Atlanta Falcons 17

Pittsburgh Steelers 29, Cleveland Browns 12

Washington Redskins 30, Kansas City Chiefs 13

Green Bay Packers 34, Detroit Lions 14

Minnesota Vikings 24, Baltimore Ravens 23

Philadelphia Eagles 14, Oakland Raiders 0

Carolina Panthers 19, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14

New York Jets 26, Buffalo Bills 11

New Orleans Saints 27, New York Giants 22

Jacksonville Jaguars , St. Louis Rams

Arizona Cardinals 31, Seattle Seahawks 16

New England 35, Tennessee Titans 23

Denver Broncos 22, San Diego Chargers 21

Open: Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts, Miami Dolphins, San Francisco 49ers

Week Five Recap: Indianapolis is a legitimate case for the best team in the league, almost uncontested. Cincinnati may be for real. I hope in my heart this doesn’t mean Denver is for real as well. The Giants looked amazing but anybody would.

Two teams with winning records I am not impressed with: Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles. And not because I hate those teams, but because they’re way overrated.

Week Six Preview: I’m picking against my Giants because this game is in the Superdome. Forget all the recent smoke I’ve blown up the bum of the 49ers…they got ran at home. And I never use italics. I’m also picking the Titans and their rough schedule to start 0-6…I wanted to believe but how can I now? I hope I’m wrong about Minnesota beating Baltimore, but I can’t pick against the Vikings and Jared Allen right now. Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay has a big week and so does Big Ben.

That being said, there are way too many roughing the passer flags. I understand wanting to protect the quarterback but seriously, some things are unavoidable accidents. It’s professional football and I want to see teams compete in head to head combat instead of having games won by whoever can draw the most yellow. It’s weak, and it better cool off towards the end of the year when those calls can really ruin a team’s season.



  • What a great weekend of football, Jets lose, Sanchez continues to suck, Giants lose, Bears lose, Vikings almost lose, which is good enough because they were looking strong, and the Pats set records.

  • Of course this goes to show how I’ve bought the Bengals bullshit, which I am not proud of at all.


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