Baltimore Ravens 24, Cincinnati Bengals 21

Philadelphia Eagles 30, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10

Pittsburgh Steelers 32, Detroit Lions 10

New England Patriots 30, Denver Broncos 27

Arizona Cardinals 24, Houston Texans 13

Carolina Panthers 33, Washington Redskins 20

Jacksonville Jaguars 20, Seattle Seahawks 17

Indianapolis Colts 27, Tennessee Titans 17

Buffalo Bills 14, Cleveland Browns 6

New York Giants 26, Oakland Raiders 6

New York Jets 19, Miami Dolphins 14

Minnesota Vikings 24, St. Louis Rams 3

Dallas Cowboys 31, Kansas City Chiefs 7

San Francisco 49ers 27, Atlanta Falcons 25

Bye weeks: Chicago Bears, New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers, San Diego Chargers

OK, week 4 was very predictable for the most part. The Giants, Saints, and Broncos all stayed undefeated and all gave good performances. I’m not too crazy about the Baltimore Ravens blowing it like they did, but such is life, and the Patriots are going to get every call in the world and everybody knows that. Unless that fake field goal stopped the play and blew the play dead, John Harbaugh should have had the opportunity to decline that penalty. Either way it’s horsesh**, and the Officiating Committee needs to look over a couple of dead ball/live ball issues in the offseason.

I love the fact that Terrell Owens isn’t doing jack squat in Buffalo. I also love the fact that team is going nowhere.


  • Oh blame it on the refs. I think the Pats showed that they are for real this year with that game. You’re only going to pick us to go up by 6 with a teacher vs. student match-up? I smell blow out.

  • Yeah a co worker alerted me that the Broncos are gonna get exposed this week. You have to admit though NE does get every call. You know it you’re a fan…

  • I admit that it does appear that NE gets every call, but let’s take some facts and try them on for size. I’ll just pick the roughing the passer rule that was called this weekend between The Ravens and Pats. 22 roughing-the-passer penalties have been called this season (which includes Mike Wright’s hands to the face, which was called as unnecessary roughness but which I assume will be changed to roughing the passer). Of those 22, three have been called against Patriots opponents, and three have been called on the Patriots.

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