First of all, let me say that I was a huge supporter of Chicago making an attempt at getting the Olympics for 2016.

I think it would have been very could for the economy of our state, (although very likely most all of the tax money collected for something like that would have stayed in the Chicago area) and could have really put Chicago on the map as an international sports city.

But in all honesty, is there anybody out there who thought that this would really go down with all of the competition we were up against. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil? Let’s just say the bathrooms are a little cleaner here. Not that having a large population would exactly make it an ideal setting for the IOC to choose. In fact, here’s an excerpt from Rio’s Wikipedia page that might give one example why it might not be a good idea to have the Olympics there:

Rio has high crime rates, especially homicide, in poor areas dominated by drug lords, primarily in the North Zone.[80] As of 2007, the homicide rate of the greater metropolitan area stood at nearly 30 victims per week, with the majority of victims falling to mugging, stray bullets or narcoterrorism.[81][82] [83

I was really concerned about the reporters, journalists, and individuals that would be covering this spectacle in Rio, until I read this from the very next paragraph:

Rio de Janeiro’s low paid and ill-equipped police are violent as well, it has been said.[85] In 2007, the police allegedly killed 1,330 people in the state,[86] an increase of 25 percent over 2006 when 1,063 people were killed, in 2003 that number plateaued at 1,195. In comparison the American police killed only 347 people in whole of the United States during 2006.[87][88] The average Rio policeman earns only R$874 a month or R$10,488 (around US$6,000) a year.[89]

Well, at least everybody will be safe.

And Tokyo? Hell, if we ever end up do getting the Olympics here, Tokyo would just as well find some way to steal it by placing holographic mirrors inside our borders, which we then would try to return, but will fill all the rebate paperwork out wrong which will in turn void the warranty. And then they would sit in the White House entertainment center for years not working. Everyone has to be good at something, I guess.

And it wasn’t like it was close. We didn’t even finish in the top 2. I bet Vegas even had odds for it. We were simply a horse waiting to be euthanized. I’m sure there will be nothing to worry about as we will no doubt be bidding for the 2012 games.

And when we did have the Olympics here last in Atlanta, what do you remember most from that 96 Olympics? The stunning firework explosions during the opening ceremonies? The USA dominating on the basketball floor? Of course not, you remember that Richard Jewell dude getting accused of setting off that bomb, having them raid his house, and in turn finding a shitload of porn on his computer, only to exonerate him. He probably wouldn’t have gone to the Olympics even if they were in Chicago, as he died in 2007.

In summation, it’s no big deal. A lot of my friends are die hard sports fans and the Olympics don’t mean anything. I don’t know one person who can honestly say they go and watch live track and field events. Nobody. Some of it is cool, but a lot of it is just is kind of an insult to the intelligence of normal adults. The shot put? Come on…

So congratulations to Rio De Janeiro and I wish them the best of luck in finding out where the fuck all of those people are going to park.


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