By Meehan

Buffalo Bills 16, Miami Dolphins 10

New York Giants 20, Kansas City Chiefs 14

Pittsburgh 31, San Diego 17

Indianapolis Colts 30, Seattle Seahawks 14

Cincinnati Bengals 41, Cleveland Browns 14

Oakland vs. Houston >>>>>>>>I refuse to pick this game. If they’re not going to play, I’m not going to pick…seriously.

New Orleans 31, New York Jets 26

Chicago Bears 20, Detroit Lions 7

Tampa Bay 24, Washington 7

San Francisco 49ers 27, St. Louis Rams 15

Dallas Cowboys 23, Denver Broncos 0

Tennessee Titans 40, Jacksonville Jaguars 12

Green Bay Packers 14, Minnesota Vikings 10

BYE WEEKS: Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Arizona Cardinals, Philadelphia Eagles.

So by now everybody knows that the big story is the Pittsburgh Steelers are 1-2 and have lost to two very average football teams. (Chicago and Cincinnati) Baltimore is hard as fuck. New Orleans is still good as I continue to point out week after week. The Patriots didn’t lose two in a row like I said. The Eagles are good but I don’t see anything that can’t be dissected and beaten. I am completely dumbfounded as to how the Tennessee Titans are 0-3. The Jets look tough but they’re the Jets so they’re still gay. I’m not sure why they even play AFC West interdivision games. Picture Brian Bosworth giving your mom the high hard one. Seventy percent of the planet is covered with water, and I’m pretty sure the rest is covered by Peter North. My New York Giants look awesome. Peyton Manning is getting older but he can still get it done. Change shirts, I don’t like that one. I miss Poland.

Week 4 is the big overhyped matchup between Brett Favre and his former team. This is especially frustrating due to the fact that both of these teams are horribly overrated. Too much media = too much bullshit. Are all you Bears fans stoked that I picked your team to beat the Detroit Lions? Awww…Dorks.

End transmission.


  • Broncos are 3-0 @ home, they wont lose 23-0 and in case you missed the Brett Favre magic yesterday, the Vikings wont lose to the Packers either. Other than that, nice picks

  • I caught the Brett Favre thing, I just don’t really care. It’s tired and boring. And the Broncos don’t deserve to be 3-0 at home: they’ll get exposed this week because they’re pathetic…That whole division is weak

  • Don’t get me wrong I don’t like Farve, but if Eli would have done that you would have busted a nut. The Broncos are weak, it won’t be long before they falter.

  • As a representative of the ARPS, I am “stoked” to announce our approval of you picking the Bears to beat the Lions.

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