By Meehan

New Orleans Saints 44, Buffalo Bills 19

Philadelphia Eagles16, Kansas City Chiefs 10

New York Giants 27, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 21

Washington Redskins 37, Detroit Lions 11

Green Bay Packers 48, St. Louis Rams 7

San Francisco 49ers 21, Minnesota Vikings 20

Tennessee Titans 26, New York Jets 24

New England Patriots 31, Atlanta Falcons 24

Baltimore Ravens 31, Cleveland Browns 20

Dallas Cowboys 31, Carolina Panthers 14

Indianapolis Colts 23, Arizona Cardinals 16

Houston Texans 9, Jacksonville Jaguars 7

Chicago Bears 25, Seattle Seahawks 12

San Diego Chargers 20, Miami Dolphins14

Saint Francis of Assisi’s Fightin’ Vaticans 28, Main Street Presbyterian Church 17

Bye weeks start next week, which sucks. But they disappear during week 11 again, so that means the home stretch of the season is going to be good this year. Case in point: New England plays the Saints week 12 which should probably be the one moved to the night game, and that game’s gonna be tight…Colts play the Patriots (again) in week ten. I still don’t buy Mark Sanchez. There are too many ice cream stores. Will you hold this for me?


  • I don’t forsee them losing two games in a row this year. But for the record I still hate them like most of America. But I still love YOU Chad…

  • The 49ers got robbed. I’ve watched that replay about thirty times and although it APPEARS that he has both feet inbounds, he also has part of his left foot on the line. Brett Favre got that call because he’s Brett Favre and they have to sell the league as being this big dramtic storyline as opposed to getting the calls right.

    Thanks for reading my blog though Gary, I appreciate it. I enjoy long walks off the beach and snuggling.


  • The 49ers thought they were gonna win. But then, Brett Favre turned into Brett Favre and sent them home crying like always. Consider it payback for 1998.

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