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Jim O’Rourke – The Visitor (Track by Track review…haha)

So I was expecting that The Visitor was a return to the acoustic rock greatness of Insignificance and let me tell you…….I was partially wrong.

1. The Visitor     9.0/10 (Yes this is the one and only track on this disc, clocking in at 38 minutes.  The song starts with a soft acoustic guitar which sounds unmistakably Jim O’Rourke, but what you will notice is that the vocals never kick in because they don’t exists on this disc.  Sadly so for those of you (myself included) who have grown to really love his dark wit and distinctive vocals he has released an instrumental album.  I can’t harp on the lack of vocals too much because there is still some great music to be had, presented almost like a play.  A soft intro and big build up with great arrangements, it feels as though Jim had several song ideas that he strung together on an acoustic guitar to build them into mini songs within the bigger piece.  The use of one long song instead of several songs helps the cohesion that would otherwise lack without vocals.  Every time you think this song is going to slow down to a droning halt, it ramps up the intensity and ultimately the greatness.  This is a really strong effort and I hope it is a sign of Jim returning to his more structured side.  I would love to hear him hash out these tunes with vocals and cut the tracks apart because that is the song writing that he does best.  This record has jumped up near the top for my record of the year.  Some deeply moving music like I haven’t heard in quite some time.)

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