First Impressions of The Hangover

the hangover - First Impressions of The Hangover

-The previews rob us of any hilarious surprises.  The moment when the trio finds Mike Tyson in their room singing along to Phil Collins could have been gold, but unfortunately we’d all seen this scene over and over again.  Same thing when Ed Helm’s character realizes he’s missing a tooth.  Let us make these discoveries for the first time with the characters during the film.

-At the same time, the previews reveal the only real humorous parts of the movie.  Maybe this was part of their problem-a preview that consisted of any other part of the movie wouldn’t be enough to entice viewers to come see the movie.

-Todd Phillips relies too heavily on the same formula and characters from “Old School”-only in much more watered down versions.  Bradley Cooper=Vince Vaughn. Ed Helms=Luke Wilson. Zach Galifianakis=Will Ferrell.  Combining these characters together, the chemistry just isn’t there.

-I don’t get why people are eating up this Zach Galifianakis guy.  I didn’t think he was funny.

-That small Asian guy has been blowing up the movie scene lately (The Hangover, Pineapple Express, The Goods) and I also don’t understand the fascination with him.  Not funny.

-There was too much allusion to the night’s events and not enough unraveling of what actually happened.  I know that’s part of the premise of the film, but indulge us a little more.  There was a lot of funny potential there.

-The best part of the whole film was the end credits when we FINALLY got to see what happened.  Unfortunately by that time, I had lost interest.

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