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Heliocentrics – Fallen Angels “The Singles Collection”

Some of the best songs from various Heliocentrics 12″ singles have been collected on a Limited Edition Cd (or Mp3 download) available now at the Stones Throw website.  This is your chance to get your hands on the excellent track Distant Star which features Percee P & DOOMGuilty Sampson and Vast Aire also make appearances on Fallen Angels, so what are you waiting for?  Go order your copy now!

Details from Stones Throw:

The best songs from Malcom Catto and Heliocentrics 12” singles are compiled here in limited edition CD. Included are tracks such as the DOOM feature “Distant Star” and Guilty Simpson’s “Before I Die” alongside a multitude of offerings that span from deep jazz, deep funk and deep psychedelia on the title track, “Vibration Of The Fallen Angels”.

The collection is presented in a limited edition “mini LP” package which includes a thick cardboard “tip on” sleeve. This album was made primarily for release in Japan; small quantities are being made available for sale in the North American and European markets. CD version includes two bonus tracks (“Dance of Dogons” and “Noise”) not on the digital album.

Buy it here – Link

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