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Oxford Collapse/Joggers Split 7″ (Track by Track Review)

another option 1 - Oxford Collapse/Joggers Split 7″ (Track by Track Review)

The inagural release from Brooklyn label Cocktail Partner Records………

  1. Oxford Collapse – How Can You Live In The Southwest   6.0/10 (Not quite punk, not quite rock, not quite good or bad.  Just an average song that is just shy of 2 minutes long and you won’t forget that “It never gets hot in the desert”.)
  2. Oxford Collapse – Search Party  6.5/10 (The vocals is this pop punk song really drag it down.  Granted the song doesn’t really become interesting till the second verse when the the accordion comes in, it would be a lot better with better lyrics and vocals.  This is a song that grows with each listen mostly because of its anthem feel which makes you bob your head.)
  3. Joggers – Golden Wage   7.0/10 (The trademark dueling guitars and multi-part harmonies are still intact on this Joggers song, but it still feels like a b-side.  The main riff is a little flat and the song as a whole doesn’t really catch my attention till the bridge which has the typical cool Joggers breakdown.  The ending of this song has the two part guitar rock action that I have come to expect from this band.)

The Bottom Line – 6.5/10 (Not a bad first showing from a new label, I would have liked to see another song from the Joggers but that is just being picky.)

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