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  1. Local Customs – Downriver Revival (v.a. comp) (Numero Group has another stellar compilation cd on their hands.  A nice mix of Gospel, Soul, Funk and Jazz all from the late 60’s to the early 80’s recorded at Double – U Sound in southeastern Michigan.  Stand out tracks include “While You Were Gone”, “He’ll Make A Way” and the very groovy “Wade In The Water”.  Expand your music horizons!)
  2. Cass McCombs – Catacombs (I have been waiting for a musician to come along and fill the void that my life has had without a Jens Lekman cd since 2007 and this disc fills it.  Granted Cass does not make the same sort of blissful pop that Jens does, he does write a great song with hints of 50’s music.  At moments he sounds like a more pop filled Kinks with a touch of Rufus Wainwright (minus the theatrics).  Make sure you check out “Prima Donna” and “The Executioner’s Song”.)
  3. Sholi – S/T (Where have you gone late 90’s early 00’s indie rock?  Gone into hiding with the rest of the DC/Louisville post-rock scene I imagine.  Well Sholi is doing their best to remind us of the great era of music.  Slick/spastic drums, thumping bass tones and hard driving guitar riffs all enhanced by the production from Deerhoof’s drummer Greg Saunier.  If I had not read the liner notes I would have bet the farm that the lead singer used to be in Engine Down……I was wrong.)
  4. Fishing With John – Zankyou Pikunikku (I gave Fishing With John some love last week in my “Bulk Up Your Collection” segment and his 2005 full length release has been on repeat for me.  Not quite as amazing as Shugo Takumaru but highly entertaining instrumental music with a blend of traditional and current Japanese style.  The songs are very relaxing built around neat acoustic guitar riffs and layered with various wind and percussion instruments.  This is happy background music for a fresh summer day.)
  5. Discovery – LP (Indie bands are doing there best to get hipster kids to get up and dance and this indie super group consisting of one part Vampire Weekend and one part Ra Ra Riot is doing their part to keep the feet moving.  The excellent Passion Pit album from earlier this year really opened my ears to this brand of electronic dance music.  Imploring the sensibilities of modern hip hop and mixing a little house music with less of a spastic feel Discovery fits neatly into an expanding genre.)

Track of the week: Real Estate – Fake Blues (These guys keep pumping out great tunes and I keep lapping it up.  I can’t wait for a full length disc of great rock like this)

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