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Ducktails/Julian Lynch – Split 7″ (Track by Track review)

ducktails web - Ducktails/Julian Lynch – Split 7″ (Track by Track review)

The latest offering from emerging  Underwater Peoples Records….

  1. Ducktails – Parasailing  7.5/10 (This song starts with a hazy sample that reminds me of 70’s/80’s informative science videos with blinking lights, men with plastic rimmed glasses and lab coats.  A guitar line slowly creeps in and builds to a warbling hypnotic dreamscape.  By the time I return from my trip back in time to the set of Disney’s “The Black Hole” the song is over.)
  2. Julian Lynch – Topi  6.5/10 (The best way to describe this track is a warped version of 70’s psychedelia.  The beginning blast and chanting part doesn’t do the rest of the song any good because once the drums and wah guitar start it is a pretty neat track.  These songs sound like they were all pulled off of the same film reel that has slowly deteriorated over the last 30 years.)
  3. Julian Lynch – Garden 2 6.0/10 (This track never seems to get any further than a slow methodical wah wah jam.  A song that would probably sound better if it weren’t given the lo-fi treatment because at its base it is pretty interesting.  Not all songs put on in the “lo-fi” manner should be that way and I know they are reaching for a certain aesthetic but it fails to do a song like this one any justice.)

Bottom Line – 6.7/10 (Another solid release from Underwater Peoples as they continue to churn out great jams for the summer time.)

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