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Bulk Up Your Collection – Fishing With John

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In the last few years Shugo Tokumaru has opened up the world of Japanese indie rock to a lot of new fans so I felt it was time to talk about another great J-Pop artist Fishing With John.

Multi-instrumentalist Yusuke Igarashi (Fishing With John) crafts Instrumental pop landscapes that take me back to the days of bands like Pullman.  Centered around the acoustic guitar, Yusuke layers all sorts of instruments including percussion, records and a whole handful more, creating very rewarding Instrumental pieces.  The three singles pictured above are titled for the two songs that they each contain.  All of the singles together provide a great introduction to the vast world of Fishing With John.  Each single, while all together unique,  hold similar roots in traditional Japanese music.  You are guarenteed that you will not find music like this in the states and that is what makes these singles great, seeing that they require minimal investment for maximum exposure/reward.

S.T. (Sugested Tracks) – “Inu Ni Chance To Meimei”, “Saikuru Youbi”, “Zasyou Kujira”

R.I.Y.L.Shugo Tokumaru, Toe, Pullman

Listen: Zasyou Kujira   (the song picks up around the 2:30 mark)

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