4 “must see” movies (thus far) from 2009

There have been several indie movies released this year that have slipped through the cracks (and a few blockbusters) so it is time to start filling your netflix que.

Moon – 9.5/10 (A deeply emotional drama staring Sam Rockwell as an astronaut in the final weeks of his 3 year contract mining energy for Earth.  Sam spent the 3 years alone with only a robot to keep him company.  During the last 2 weeks of his stay, he starts hallucinating and this is where the movie really takes hold.  Each twist and turn of the plot is one more tug on your heart strings.  Don’t let the sci-fi exterior fool you, this is far from sci-fi.  More like a heart felt drama set on the moon.)

Tokyo Sonata – 9.0/10 (The struggles of a middle-class Japanese family are told so well in this film.  On one hand you have the traditionalist father who is too prideful for his own good, on the other you have the submissive mother who bottles up all of her dreams and aspirations so as to be a “roll model” mother.  This coupled with two children trying to struggle their ways through life and you have one messed up family and one really sad but powerful movie.)

Whatever Works – 8.5/10 (Woody Allen wrote this script in the 70’s and the movie has a lot of the same humor that made his early work so funny.  Larry David plays an antagonist to the world (sound familiar?) filling the role of a morose human so well, who some how falls in love with a woman with a completely opposite personality.  He marries her and the plot unfolds from there.  A lot of critics panned this movie but I felt with its cheesy moments aside, it was well worth the watch.)

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince – 9.0/10 (Not a lot can be said about this film if you haven’t either watched the first 6 or have at least read the books.  Does this movie deviate from the book?  Yes it does but all of the major plot points are  still intact and the final product is a very dark, emotional, tense drama that is just waiting to burst into its final act.  With each book in the series we have had better and better movies and I can’t wait for the final two installments.)

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