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  1. Dinosaur Jr. – Without A Sound (A lot of the later Dinosaur Jr. material was passed over by all but the hard core fans, but I think this is a great record.  Yeah J. Mascis had shed most of his “aggressive” vein by this point but his song writing had really come to form.  Most people know “Feel The Pain” from the zany golf cart video, but the real great tunes are the two that follow “I Don’t Think So” and “Yeah Right”.  There is a love hate relationship for a lot of people with Dino because of J’s voice so if you are a little suspect of this pick go ahead and download the songs I mentioned and you will be hooked.  Did I mention that J is an amazing guitar player?)
  2. Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (Not since The Shins has there been a band that has consistently released pop gem after pop gem.  I am not talking your standard radio fare, I am talking great hooks and catchy tunes that get stuck in your head for hours.  This French band is about one movie soundtrack away from blowing up, but somehow they continue to fly under the radar and it is a real shame.  Do yourself a favor and hop on this pop train early, download “Lasso”, “Girlfriend” and “Lisztomania” and have a poptastic summer.)
  3. Can – Future Days (Can was an amazing “under the radar” band from the 70’s and this record is just another fine example of a band that was way ahead of its time.  This cd is only 4 tracks but spans over 40 minutes.  A nice compliment of psychedelia, jazz and straight up rock Can was tragically under appreciated because of how ahead of their time they were.  At times they sound as if they could have released this cd in the 90’s.  If you don’t mind sprawling jams this disc is for you.)
  4. Air France – No Way Down (This 6 song ep from Swedish electro-pop duo Air France has been showing up time and time again in my rotation and for good reason.  This ep has all the right hooks and textures to be perfect for just about any moment.  I am not one to rant and rave about electro-pop but Air France have put out an irresistible ep with songs like “Collapsing At Your Doorstep”, how could you turn this down?  Ideally this ep will be played while you are enjoying every last breath of summer sipping a cold brew by the lake or taking a long cruise in your car with the top down.  Two summer selections in one week!)
  5. Mos Def – The Ecstatic (We have been seeing a lot more of Mos Def in the movies than hearing him pouring out his nice flow over some beats.  After hearing his last album “True Magic” I was kinda glad that he set it aside for awhile.  The Ecstatic is far from a return to greatness (keep listening to Black Star) but songs such as “Priority” and “Pistola” are solid enough to warrant buying this disc.  The one complaint I have about the cd is the fact that they styles are all over the place, pulling beats and samples from all sorts of different music which gives the cd as a whole, a very uneven flow.)

Track of the week – The Jesus Lizard – Monkey Trick (What can I say, I got tickets to see the Jesus Lizard here in Nashville……….I am pumped)

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