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content - Music News From Around The Web

  • Yes folks, Polvo has recorded a new album (and yes I am really excited) – Link
  • Shipping News has posted a really cool live version of an unreleased song called “Forecasting” – Link
  • You can listen to the entire new Elvis Costello album “Secret, Profane and Sugarcane” here – Link
  • Daytrotter has posted a Harlem Shakes (SXSW Session) – Link
  • Robby Moncrieff (guitar player from The Advantage) has a pretty rad new band called “What’s Up?” – Link

Bonus Video of What’s Up?:

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  • I’m cautiously optimistic about the Polvo album. The new material they played when I saw them last year seemed pretty good, but Ash Bowie hasn’t exactly been up to a whole lot since Shapes.

    I’m sure I’ll buy the next Shipping News record, but the first two minutes of that song sounded like something from Save Everything.

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