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Solid Guild The Joggers 480 - Cal’s Five Of The Week

  1. Otis Redding – Pain In My Heart (I have been on a huge Otis Redding kick lately and this disc has been getting tons of spins.  An icon of early R&B/Soul music, there isn’t a lot that I can say that hasn’t already been said.  This album was originally released in 1964 and would make the perfect compliment to a great vinyl collection.  Check out the albums title track and tell me that you are not hooked.)
  2. The Life and Times – Tragic Boogie (A new album from former Shiner front man Allen Epley, you have my interest.  The Life and Times will never fully shake its roots in Allen’s former band but that is fine with me if they make records like this.  Sounding like a more mature Shiner, these songs step up the production and layers to a mostly pleasant outcome.  Check out “Let It Eat” or “Que Sera Sera” for a driving track that borders on spacy/trippy without loosing its force.  This is not a great album but worth an afternoon listen.)
  3. MU330 – Ultra Panic (Yeah you probably don’t want to be caught listening to ska, but I really really dug this band’s “Chumps on Parade” album back in the day.  This record was the last full lenght that they released and is a good representation of their punk/ska sound.  I know that last sentence made most of you roll your eyes but hell this is still entertaining to me.  Check out “My Gun Is Broken”.)
  4. Passion Pit – Manners (I am not a fan of most electronic/house/dance music but I tell you this disc due out later this month is going to be huge.  Great hooks, great beats and overall interesting music sets this album apart from the herd.  This disc strays away from the overly repetitious hooks that bog down most of the other music in this genre packing concise pop gems that leave you humming for days.  I put these guys in the same vein as Cut Copy, bringing a new breed of electronic music to our ears.  Check out “To Kingdom Come” and “Little Secrets” and dance your ass off…..I know you want to.)
  5. The Joggers – Solid Guild (I really wish these guys would put out a new record because their first two can only hold me off for so long.  If you love jangly dueling guitars and power packed indie rock this is a record for you.  Finger tapping, sick breakdowns and multi part vocal harmonies are all over this fun debut record from Portland’s The Joggers.  “Hot Autism” and “Back To The Future” pack a one two punch that will knock the wind out of you.)

Track of the week – Otis Redding – For Your Precious Love (This song has a special place with me and an another person and that is all I will say about it.  A top 10 greatest love song.)

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