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A Lowbrow Article 2009 Update

I only wish that I could be this cool

I only wish that I could be this cool

It’s about time we talked about girls!

Two of our “all time most popular” articles are the original Low Brow Article and Koz’s Girls Girls Girls.  Both were our responces to the Askmen “Hottest Women” poll that had been published a short time before.  Now I do understand that a big reason that the posts were so popular was because they were linked to pictures of attractive women (yes, I am not delusional to think that it was because we have such interesting writing), so I figured now was a time to update my list for a new year.  Hell maybe it will get us some more traffic!  Here it is:

A List of Cal’s Favorite (mostly)-Homely Girls (in no particular order):

  1. Amy Adams (still on my list, can’t get enough of her)
  2. Emily Mortimer
  3. Jenna Fischer
  4. Marie Josee Croze
  5. Alexis Bledel
  6. Olivia Munn
  7. Bonnie Wright (Emma has been replaced and yes guys she is of age)
  8. Laura Linney (still my favorite over 40 actress)
  9. Whitney McGraw (of Page France)
  10. Anna Friel

Sound off on how crazy you think I am below!

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