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Great Discovery Of The Week

brazil06 - Great Discovery Of The Week

I am a big fan of Target and I probably spend way too much money there.  Recently it seems that they are trying to take even more as they have expanded their IFC/Indie film section in some stores.  So this weeks “Great Discovery” is the expanded Indie section at Target which has included the following:

Obscure Woody Allen films at great prices (ranging from $7.50-$9.99).  This addition has reduced my reliance on online retailers and has helped me bulk up my Woody collection.

  • Purple Rose of Cairo
  • Manhattan Murder Mystery
  • Hanna And Her Sisters
  • Match Point

Criterion Collection!!!!  I hope this is a sign of things to come with great prices on random Criterion titles.  Maybe some Kurosawa soon??

  • The Last Emperor
  • Brazil

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