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harlem shakes technicolor 450x449 - Cal’s Five Of The Week

I will use my “5 of the week” post to let you know what cd’s (new and old) that I have been into that week.  It gives me a chance to talk about some new music and make it brief.

  1. Nigeria 70 – The Definitive Story of 1970’s Funky Lagos (I am a big fan of the Nigeria 70 series which has introduced me to a lot of great African pop/funk music from the 70’s including my “March Mix” favorite “Everybody Likes Something Good” by Ify Jerry Krusade.  If you like Afropop this 2 disc set is another great way to find more groups with the sound that you love.)
  2. Harlem Shakes – Technicolor Health (A full fleshed out pop record that feels all together refreshing.  There seems to be a CYHSY undercurrent to the music partially due to the lead singers voice, but don’t let that deter you because this is a fun record with many memorable tracks such as “Strictly Game” and “Sunlight”.  This will make a good album for the summer.  If you like the band “Shaky Hands” you will dig this band.)
  3. Doom – Born Like This ( No folks hip hop is not dead.  Yes it has been turned a complete pile of crap by money grubbing whores that make up the music industry but there is still hope that hip hop will always have enough talented guys in the underground that it will never die.  This record is a return to form for MF, albeit a short return but I can’t complain because it is a return.  If you love smart hip hop with great beats and great rhymes/flow this record is for you.)
  4. The Leisure Society – The Sleeper (This record sounds like the offspring of a Fleet Foxes/Midlake hook up.  Taking little pieces of each band and blending them into a decent record.  Is it an amazing record, no it is not but not a bad one to have spinning while you are chilling on the deck or writing an article such as this one.)
  5. N.A.S.A – The Spirit Of Apollo (In interesting idea of putting together some names in the hip hop community, indie rock community and South American music community and seeing what they put together (David Byrne, Lykke Li, Chali 2na, Ghostface Killer, M.I.A, Tom Waits to name a few).  Mostly it was a successful project blending beats with rock and Afropop influence as it was great to hear KRS-One again, but it does teeter on commercial crap (check out the Kanye track) and this record would be best if you download the individual tracks instead of the whole.)

Track of the week J Dilla – Nothing Like This (Still my favorite Dilla track, this one comes off of the Stones Throw “Chrome Children” comp.  This track shows the true genious that we have lost.)

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