New Joan Of Arc album



Indie love/hate band Joan of Arc have a new album “Flowers” due out June 9th on Polyvinyl Records

From the Polyvinyl site:    Despite being written over the course of a year in four different sessions with four different lineups, the first listen reveals the songs on Flowers as a more cohesive unit than those on its predecessor Boo Human.

As the record neared completion, Tim Kinsella and the latest incarnation of Joan of Arc entered the studio with hardly any of the remaining songs written and no instruments. Instead, the group simply did what felt right, using what was available to all the musicians who had recorded there previously — pianos, acoustics, and synthesizers — to create a new batch of music after only two days.

Track Listing:

1. Fogbow
2. The Garden of Cartoon Exclamations
3. Flowers
4. Fasting
5. Explain Yourselves #2
6. But Tsunshine and Moon
7 .A Delicious Herbal Laxative
8. Explain Yourselves
9. The Sea Shells Take Shape in Tribute
10. To Tornados and Sea Shells
11. The Seeds From Which Tornados Blossom
12. Life Sentence / Twisted Ladder

You can pre-order the album hereLink

Listen to “Explain Yourselves”

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