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Victor Villareal is back!



Former Owls/Cap’n Jazz/Ghosts and Vodka/Noyes guitarist Victor Villareal has emerged from his cave (or where ever the hell he has been for the last 7 years) with this glimmer of hope that this guitar god will be making music again.  There has been all ranges of speculation as to his condition/location over the years, but this video gives me great hope that he is back for good.  It is said that his solo record “Memories Alive” is supposed to hit shelves soon, but I have not found any other information on it.

But alas, enjoy the video for a song called “You’re Worth It” (and notice the Owls poster in the background)


  • I just found this clip on You Tube and had to see if there was more information on the record. I didn’t check six gun lover yet, that’s an idea. I wonder if the record will all be acoustic with vocals, or maybe have some stuff like the Noyes disc. Maybe someday I’ll learn how Noyes was intended to be pronounced too.

  • the person who posted the video comments and says that the record will be out Feb 10. Well if he meant this year, it looks like it didn’t happen. Sometimes I like the intrigue of not knowing and then being surprised and impressed when it does finally come out.

  • Ha. It didn’t occur to me that the 10th was today’s date. I was having trouble sleeping and found all this in the early a.m., went to work, and forgot all about it.

  • this video is not bogus, that’s definitely victor, but i don’t believe a thing about a new album. he may have material, but when you’re that good at guitar, when do you ever STOP writing material? i think somebody just recorded him. or maybe he actually has aspirations to put this album out. i dunno. i’m keeping my expectations modest, because he was supposed to release more Noyes material too (according to their myspace) but never did. we’ll see if he follows through or whether this is a tease.

  • the record won’t be on sixgunlover but is coming out. sort of wacky to think that just because he continually writes songs that he can never get to releasing a record. i’m sure he has his fair share of personal obstacles to get through before he can get to doing so. it may not be as soon as we want but it will definitely be a good record.

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