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American Teen - DVD Reviews “Quick Hits”

A few more television seasons and a sub par Gus Van Sant movie……..

Mad Men – Season 2  10/10 (In Season 2 they managed to surpass my high expectations by leaps and bounds.  The emergence of the female characters is great as Peggy struggles to break through the glass ceiling in a dominant male profession.  The life and web that Donald Draper spins for him self is one whole hell of a mess and I cling to his every word and move.  A few other  notions from were that Campbell has warmed up to me and that I don’t like Duck Phillips.  Not much of a review I know, but this show is amazing and every episode is a topsy turvy ride of a fictional ad agency, that has me riveted.  The way the weave in real life events such as the Marilyn Monroe death makes it seem like you are peering into actual history.)

American Teen – 6.5/10 (How well do you remember high school? This documentary that brands itself as “The high school experience”  follows the lives of 5 students as they navigate the chaos of their senior year of high school.  I felt that this film didn’t really offer anything memorable, but more just painted a reminder of how catty and irrelevant high school ultimately can be.  There are no great revelations or keen insight into the life of the average high schooler just a rather cold view of a few of the different social groups that most of us remember.  This movie isn’t bad by any means, but on the other hand it doesn’t offer much more than an hour and a half of killing time.)

Burn After Reading – 8.5/10 (I saw this movie originally in the theater and left feeling somewhat satisfied.  But being the Coen brothers fan that I am,  purchasing the movie was a no brainer.  The second and shortly followed by third viewing reminded me of classic Coen brothers.  There is always a bumbling idiot and some sort of grand scheme and is always wrapped up in some crazy way.  This “stolen CIA information” movie had me laughing from start to finish.  Brad Pitt and George Clooney steal the show as well as a stellar performance from John Malkovich.  The grand pay off of the movie is when George Clooney finally reveals what he has been building in his basement.)

Paranoid Park – 5.5/10 (Is this movie some sort of music video/short story mash up, because it sure seems that way.  Long scenes of nothingness or skateboarding mixed with a story about a kid who struggles with his involvement in the death of a security guard and how his life is beginning to fall apart as a result.  I really want there to be more to this movie but there simply isn’t.  This makes 2 Gus Van Sant movies that I really didn’t like at all.  The other was Elephant.)

Frisky Dingo – Season 2   8.5/10 (I feel that the second season hits its stride much quicker, as it had me laughing out loud by episode 3.  Focusing most of the season on a presidential race that pits Xander Curise against Killface, each episode brings another silly scenario ranging from a debate to a duck hunt.  Oh and did I mention that Killface cures global warming?  This show is one of the better animated shows in the Adult Swim lineup, but I imagine that it won’t last too much longer because of it’s dry humor and overall strangeness.  Boosh!!!)

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