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Early Hype: “Cherry Blossoms – Hanami”

18943333 - Early Hype: “Cherry Blossoms – Hanami”

A German film about the Cherry Blossom festival in Tokyo?  “Cherry Blossom – Hanami” sounds right up my ally.

Synopsis (from Rottentomatoes): Doris Dörrie (HOW TO COOK YOUR LIFE) directs this drama about an older married couple in love. Wife Trudi is the only one who knows that her husband, Rudi, has a disease that will kill him. In fact, even Rudi doesn’t know about his sickness, and the pair plans to see their family in Berlin. But Trudi’s surprising death changes all their plans, and Rudi decides to go to Tokyo to see the cherry blossom festival.

This movie looks simply heart wrenching.  I am a sucker for an imaginative love story, especially one that involves a dream of mine (traveling to Japan).  You will have to seek out an indie theater for this one but it looks like it will be well worth the seach.  Limited Release: January 16th.



  • Winner of the Best Film award at the Seattle Film Festival – Link
  • Imdb site – Link

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