The Golden Globes

slumdog millionaire movie image - The Golden Globes

We all know that the Golden Globes are the sham of all the awards, so here is my two cents on last nights snooze fest.

If you are looking for a list of winners you can go here.  This is just my thoughts on what they got right and wrong.

What they got right:

  • Heath Ledger – Best Supporting Actor for “The Dark Knight”    (Kind of a no brainer here.  He gave a performance of a life time)
  • Laura Linney – Best Performance by an Actress in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture made for TV for John Adams    (Another no brainer.  Brilliant in a brilliant mini series John Adams)
  • Paul Giamatti – Best Performance by an Actor in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture made for TV for John Adams   (One of the best actors of our time, as the noble John Adams)
  • Danny Boyle – Best Director for Slumdog Millionaire  (In one of the stronger top to bottom categories, but it was missing Christopher Nolen.)
  • A.R. Rahman – Best score  for Slumdog Millionaire   (The minute I got home from watching this movie I looked up the soundtrack, it sticks with you.)
  • Wall-E- Best Animated Feature Film  (One of the best animated movies of the last 20 years, great to see it get the props)
  • Vicky Christina Barcelona – Best Picture – Musical or Comedy   (Woody was a no show but that wasn’t a big surprise.  I would have been just as happy had Burn After Reading won.  My only complaint is that this movie belonged more in the Drama category.)
  • Mad Men – Best Television Series – Drama    (Yes, Yes and Yes.  Such a well written show, such an amazing season.  It would have even beaten BSG had it finally recieved a nomination.)

What the blew:

  • Alec Baldwin – Best Actor in a TV series Comedy or Musical for 30 Rock  (Are you kidding? Alec has had one great performance since Glengarry Glen Ross (Shelly Kaplow in “The Cooler”) and this show doesn’t deserve the praise that is heaped on it year after year.  David Duchovny would have been a much better choice from this sad list.)
  • Tina Fey – Best Actress in a TV series Comedy or Musical for 30 Rock  (Another joke of an award.  She won this because of her take of Sara Palin on SNL, not because of this drab show.)
  • How is it that we have another year go by without a nomination for Mary McDonnell?
  • How did Angelina Jolie get nominated?
  • Colin Farrell – Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy for In Bruges   ( They should have just nominated any one of the male leads in Burn After Reading and they would have beat this suck fest of a winner.  In Bruges was not a very good movie and Colin’s performance wasn’t anything special.)
  • 30 Rock…………..Is this some sort of joke?  Comedy has hit rock bottom.

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