End of Year List: Koz & Cal’s “Great Discoveries” of 2008

madmen - End of Year List: Koz & Cal’s “Great Discoveries” of 2008

With all of the media we are saturated with on a daily basis, there tends to be a few things that slip through the cracks only to be discovered at a later time. We look back at a few of those great discoveries of this past year.

Cal’s List:


  • This Heat – Deceit (This great record was completely unknown to me until I started chatting it up with a local record store employee.  He turned me on to this early 80’s gem.)


  • Walking Dead  (I stopped reading comic books many years ago until a friend lent me the first trade paperback of The Walking Dead.  I have been hooked ever since)


  • Entourage   (My roommate has been watching this show like a fiend and for awhile I would just float in and out of the room, but it pulled me in and now I can’t stop.)
  • Mad Men   (Such a well written show, leaves you breathless at times.  When the credits rolled on season two I sat in silence for several minutes.  If you haven’t tried this show, you are missing something amazing.)

Koz’s List:

Crooked Tree Beer by Dark Horse Brewing Co.

The mix and match 6 pack by Hyvee

It’s Always Sunny In Philly’s new season

Fall Out 3

A New Job

The Acid Cigar Co. tour

A New House

A New Cat – I was searching the shelter and found a cat

Learning how to watch the Patriots without Tom Brady

more life events for me than anything else.

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