Overlooked Band – “Singer”

from Drag City

from Drag City

I hate to admit it but I was a little late to the party on this one. Former members of great obscure bands from the late 90’s (US Maple, 90 Day Men, Town & Country) form an equally obscure band “Singer”.I was combing through year end lists and I came across Singer’s debut “Unhistories” on a few lists. Further investigation and a purchase later and I am transported back to the greatness of late 90’s indie rock. With members from US Maple it is easy to just toss this release aside, but what we have instead is a disc full of hooks (all be it awkwardly tuned) and multi part vocal melodies that provide a nice update to sometimes mundane US Maple sound. At times it sounds like they are in full jam band/improv mode but it doesn’t detract from the overall vibe of the disc. It feels very loose which is very reminiscent of both US Maple and 90 Day Men.

Singer Released their debut full length in March on Drag City.

ListenDumb Smoke (linked from Stereo Gum)


Bonus – Classic US Maple Video

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  • I finally checked out these guys as well(after your write up) and it’s not what I expected (it never is with US Maple members), but it’s really good. good find here.

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