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jeff daniels as lewis and joseph gordon levitt as chris in the lookout - DVD Reviews “Quick Hits”

I have been watching a lot of TV on DVD lately and of course what would a quick hit segment be without me watching another bad movie?

Mad Men: Season 1- 9.5/10 (This show lived up to the hype in just about every way possible. It was a fresh idea that played well as a drama. I don’t quite know what they are going to do with a lot of the female characters on this show as they seem to meander in and out of the plot line on a weekly basis. Who knew that the running of an ad agency would be so exciting?)

Breach – 7.5/10 (I finally got around to watching this political drama, and I have to say it was decent. About the downfall of FBI agent Robert Hannsen, I felt that the movie didn’t push an agenda but it did tell a good story. Even though you know the ending I still felt it to be worthy of watching.)

The Lookout – 7.0/10 (The story of a guy (Chris) in his early 20’s who looses the ability to remember things in his life because of a serious car accident that he caused. He has to write down most things in his pocket notebook so that he doesn’t forget and his only real form of balance is through his blind roommate (played by Jeff Daniels). The story takes a turn when Chris involves himself in the robbery of the bank that he works at. The end didn’t pay itself in full for this movie and I felt a little ripped off, but still a decent watch.)

Funny Games – 3.5/10 (Wow this movie really did disappoint on almost every level (except for the 20 min of Naomi Watts in her bra and panties) A couple of guys terrorize a family and irritate my every being. The music is awful, the long drawn out scenes of nothingness aggravate and one of the main characters addresses the camera two times for no reason at all. Over stylized crap.)

Infernal Affairs – 8.5/10 (The Chinese movie that “The Departed” was based on, I went in with high expectations, and I came out feeling like it was an abridged version. It lacked the charecter development, and the twist and turns of “The Departed”, but maybe i am just so used to hollywood bombast that i felt a little let down)


  • Mad Men season 2 is as good, if not better than season 1. The best way to look at the female characters is that Peggy, Joan, and Betty are the central ones and the others float in and out as necessary.

    I enjoyed The Lookout slightly more than you did, given my fondness for Joseph Gordon-Leavitt, but the end was a bit wacky in comparison to the rest of the film.

  • I’ve stayed away from the lookout due to the catch phrase during the previews of “if you have the money then you have the power!” BUT now you guys got me reconsidering it. You better not be wrong.

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