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Nintendo Wii: Virtual Console Reviews “Quick Hits”

City Connection - Nintendo Wii: Virtual Console Reviews “Quick Hits”

Nintendo continues to suck up a lot of my money with a great slate of downloads for their Virtual Console and I won’t complain at all.

Mega Man 9 – 8.5/10 (How can anyone complain about an all new Mega Man side scrolling game? It is as if they had never stopped making these gems for the NES. I am one of those guys who still has all of his old MM games for his NES that only works part of the time. This game has all the feel of the classic, but I wish it had a power boost for the arm cannon…..But there is a lot of unlock-able content and weeks of fun!!)

Paper Mario – 8/10 (I backed my way into this series having bought the Game Cube version without having played any of the older games, so my judgement is a little tainted. This is still a very solid game combining the elements of a Mario adventure with an RPG. I love the turned based fighting and buying upgrades that you would find in a Final Fantasy game and the story is long enough to keep you going for awhile.)

City Connection – 4.5/10 (A basic premise of driving a car back and fourth to connect all of the roads on this very average game, I had much fonder memories of it. It is set up like Q-bert with a car and in side scroll fashion. You have to avoid cats, cars and losing your attention quickly.)

Sim City – 5.5/10 (I used to play the hell out of this game when I bought it for the Super NES back in the day, but where it falls short is in the fact that I have played much more in depth “Sim” games since than. It still is fun to putz around building and managing a very basic city but I am left with wanting more.)

Devils Crush – 7/10 (A very addicting pinball game that I had no prior knowledge of. My brother turned my onto this game and it has provided me with lots of entertainment and plenty of friendly competition between family.)


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