Where is MF Doom?

mfdoom460 - Where is MF Doom?

For the last 2 years MF Doom has been becoming more and a more of a mystery.  From his no shows at concerts to the endless list of releases that never seem to come out, I beg the question “where is MF Doom?”

A brief history of a disappearance

Late 2007 and 2008 no-shows and lip sync body doubles……..

  • September in San Francisco – Link
  • More San Fran chatter – Link
  • He stands them up again – Link
  • Doomposters? – Link

Rumors abound……

  • It was said that these Doomposters where a marketing stunt for his new album – Link
  • Medical concerns? – Link
  • MF responds to the rumors (sorta…) – Link
  • More from MF – Link

All of the projects that never come out…..

  • New album “Born into this” never came out – Link
  • Madvilliany follow up??
  • Doom and Ghost face collab “Swift and Changeable” – Link

Is all of this just some grand marketing scheme?  Is MF going to drop a ton of new material on us soon?  I guess we just sit back and wait for his next move.

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