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$15 very well spent on the Wii (World of Goo “quick hit”)

WorldOfGooBuilding - $15 very well spent on the Wii (World of Goo “quick hit”)

World of Goo is a Wii Ware download you are not going to want to miss…….

Cutting into my Mega Man 9 play time lately has been a game just made available on the Nintendo Wii Ware download site. Created by two indie game developers known as 2D Boy, these are the kinda games I have come to expect on a Nintendo system. Easy to get started, hard to master and addictive as hell throughout.

The basic premise is that you are trying to get the black goo balls into the pipe that is located on the board. This means using the goo balls to build bridges, towers and other various objects to traverse the board. As I said, it is very basic but just as you are getting a hang of it, it becomes more difficult. It really tests my “elementary school” knowledge of engineering, as I have let many towers go toppling over because of my inability to create a stable structure.

The bottom line is that this is a great game and well worth the $15 download. I would love to see more efforts like this in the years to come because this is exactly what keeps me interested in gaming.

Score – 9.5/10

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