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broken english - DVD Reviews “Quick Hits”

I just can’t stop watching Woody Allen movies…..and I also can’t seem to stop watching bad movies

Hanna and Her Sisters – 7/10 (Infidelity seems to run common through most Woody Allen films, as does some sort of crime/mystery. After awhile it makes you really start to distrust people…..maybe that is what he is after. Michael Cain does a great job in this movie.)

Hostel – 4/10 (Man oh man do these “torture porn” movies suck. Taking all to long to go anywhere and really lacking a decent narrative, I find myself bored stiff after the first 45 min. Chilling? nope, gross? not really, boring? yes sir.)

Waitress – 6.5/10 (This movie really lacked the emotional depth that I expected out of it. Kerri Russel did a great job as a waitress in a pie kitchen struggling to find her way with her dead beat husband, but the only scene that I really connected with was the last scene in the movie. That is a long time to wait for emotion.)

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex – 7.5/10 (A series of 7 shorts based on a book by David Reuben, Woody Allen strikes the funny bone again. These shorts are a funny look at sex and even taboos. Woody Allen steals the show in his own movie and is only topped by a sheep loving Gene Wilder. Worth a watch for sure.)

Broken English – 7/10 (Another “struggling with love and growing up” story, but this one doesn’t get bogged down with over wrought fluff that you would find in a movie like say….”Here On Earth” (yes I have seen that movie). Parker Posey is a highly underrated actress and she gives the exact emotional level required in this roll.)

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