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High Places – S/T (track by track review)

51HsE vOYnL. SS500 - High Places – S/T (track by track review)

Brooklyn loves them, but is there something to love on their debut full length?

  1. The Storm – 8.0/10 (Samples and noises abound in this very digital song. But the samples are used very well and create a dense layer of sound and a very catchy beat. Mary Pearson does a great job at containing her sometimes aggravating voice as this song finds her in the right range.)
  2. You In Forty Years – 7.0/10 (This is a neat organic/jungle sounding “filler” song, that isn’t quite long enough to demand your full attention. But for a 1:33 long instrumental it does the trick.)
  3. The Tree With The Lights In It – 8.5/10 ( Riding on very percussive samples, it is nice to have a little variation to the disc. This song sounds like a mix between tropical and african rhythms and Mary once again does a great job with her vocals as not to detract from the overall song.)
  4. Vision’s The First…. – 7.5/10 (What this band does really well is layer really interesting “high activity” samples on to one another. What they don’t do as well, is have interesting vocals that add to the music. Mary’s voice grates on the ears far too often and can be a distraction for song such as this one. This song has a great energy that is really sapped with her child like singing. Think of how odd Zooey Deschanel sings sometimes and you will be in the right ball park.)
  5. Gold Coin – 6.5/10 (A promising sparse opening doesn’t deliver once the song takes shape. The loops get a little repetitious and the vocal melody is once again too monotone for my tastes. There is some really strong writing at work here, but as a full hashed out idea it doesn’t totally capture my attention.)
  6. Papaya Year – 8.5/10 (This song sounds oddly like a dream sequence that belongs in a video game, but I mean that in the best way. The ending sounds like a mash up of various birds and somehow it all fits together.)
  7. Namer – 7.5/10 ( I really love how this song begins and for a short time was considering it the best track but the song never lives up to its own hype, which is really disappointing considering how great of a riff they have going. Either way it is a pretty good foot stomp head bob tune.)
  8. Golden – 9.0/10 (You could probably transport this band to the Virgin Islands and they would make a killing. There is a strong kettle drum sounding sequence that gets you into the mood to have a tropical drink and some sun.)
  9. A Field Guide – 9.0/10 (Once again heavily dependent on the percussion which isn’t a complaint. They have found a way to make booms and blips sound pretty damn interesting. Taking what some of the best dub artist are doing and pushing it in new directions. You have to applaud that.)
  10. From Stardust to Sentience – 9.5/10 (Saving the best for last, they have crafty a very dreamy song that wraps you in a blanket of bliss. This will most likely end up in my top 10 songs of the year. Download it now.)

I fully expected to dislike this cd. I thought their ep was quite boring and even irritating at times, but this full length shows me that they are maturing into a potentially great band.

Overall score: 8.1/10

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  • I almost saw these guys when they came in for Daytrotter. kind of thought they were hit and miss, with a little more miss.

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