Found This in My inbox: Cupcakes

Holy Shit.

I love ebay. They say you can find anything on ebay, and now I officially believe it.

I’ve been looking for a CD for almost six years now, by a band from the late nineties Chicago scene called “Cupcakes” because of one song in particular, a song that I believe is right up there with “Stairway to Heaven” and “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. And I could find it anywhere, not on Amazon, not even on Dreamworks’ FUCKING WEBSITE.

Well, I finally fucking found it last week and today it arrived in the mail. Holy fucking shit. Wow. When I was down at ISU I had a friend on the floor I lived on that was friends with the guys, and I had seriously forgotten how fucking massive that record really was. It’s needlefreak shit, but a lot of good music is, and I’d be willing to bet that at least 3 of those 4 guys are dead now, as that was almost 9 years ago…

So, in conclusion, let me just say that this record is pretty much nowhere online, not YouTube, Amazon, and not even on MySpace… but if you want a copy…I’ll certainly burn one for you. For under 5 dollars shipped to my door, I am certainly willing to share…This guy has a BADASS CD warehouse up in Washington State (Isn’t everything up there great? LOL)…, and if you are looking for music, his screen name is kenterri84, and he has pretty much anything you could ever fucking want.

All right, That’s enough…God’s a Cosmic Imbecile…



  • You’re a faggot Meehan. I’ve been a fan of your writing for some time now and you have finally jumped over the shark. You’re an uncreative asshole with no sense of humor and I think that you should kill yourself.

    Doug Miller – The Winter Blanket

  • He’s right Meehan…you are a talentless hack with nothing to say…If I had a personality I would totally call you out.

    Stephanie Davila – The Winter Blanket / The Breakfast Nacho

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