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Classic Indie/Emo Mixtape – H,I,J’s

analogue maxell cassette tape - Classic Indie/Emo Mixtape – H,I,J’s

The A,B,C’s can be seen here

The D,E,F,G’s can be seen here

Hayden – Dynamite Walls

Hoover – Distant

Hot Snakes – LAX

Hot Water Music – Trademark

Hum – If You Are To Bloom

Idaho – Wondering The Fields

Indian Summer – You’re Train Is Leaving

Jawbox – Tracking

The Jazz June – When The Drums Kick In

Jejune – Morale Is Low

The Jesus Lizard – Mouth Breather

Jimmy Eat World – Table For Glasses

Joan of Arc – A Name

Joshua – Just Can’t Change

June Of 44 – Rivers & Plains


  • I knew Bleed American was the end of it for me, but I did like a few songs off that record. I had a similar experience with Death Cab on Plans & Transatlanticism

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