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Nintendo Wii: Virtual Console Reviews “Quick Hits”

There have been some great games released on the Wii’s Virtual Consol and some real stinkers. I have downloaded my fair share and here is a quick overview of what you should be spending your Wii points on.

Baseball Stars 2 – 3/10 (This game shouldn’t even share the same name as the original Baseball Stars, as it bears no resemblance to it. It is a stylized cartoon baseball game that has terrible fielding. I would have rather they put out the original or even RBI baseball. The fielding alone keeps this game from being even remotely fun.)

Star Tropics – 8.5/10 (This is a fun platformer/rpg style game that follows a young boy searching for his lost uncle. What makes it fun is the search for different weapons and power ups in addition to the puzzles that you have to solve along the way)

Balloon Fight – 6/10 (If I were to just give a score to the “balloon trip” mode it would be an 8.5 but the original mode doesn’t quite hold up on its own. To me this game is worth it for the highly addictive “balloon trip” mode.)

Tecmo Bowl – 6/10 (They were cheap and didn’t renew the license for this game so you do not get the original players names. That is my main gripe with this VC game, so there is no more Montana to Rice touchdown passes. For that I say BOOOOOOOOO)

Blades of Steel – 5/10 (One of my favorite hockey games as a kid has really lost its shine. I had forgotten the fact that you cannot aim your shot, you just have to time it right as the direction arrow moves up and down in the goal. The rest of the game has pretty solid play as the fights are still kinda fun. But if you go with a hockey game I would recommend Ice Hockey over this one.)


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