2 big mistakes in one weeks time (2 movie quick hits)

large Tropic - 2 big mistakes in one weeks time (2 movie quick hits)

I just got off the phone with my doctor (I had to schedule a lobotomy) and thought it was time to write a quick blog.  I felt it was time for me to come clean on two large mistakes that I took part in this past week.  “Tropic Thunder” and “Transformers”.

Tropic Thunder – 1.5/10 (A movie that plays as hollywood making fun of itself in one big “pseudo” war movie with a lot of big name actors………sounds like disaster to me.  And my gut feeling was right.  This movie was really really bad.  I did not laugh, or even come closer to laughing once.  And from the looks on the faces of the others in the theater (all 3 of them) they didn’t enjoy it either.  We are not talking bad in a “Not another Teen Movie” way, but bad in a “Jaws 3” kinda way that makes you really regret having spent the money on a movie that isn’t even worthy of watching if it was aired on TNT.  I had heard such great things about Robert Downey Jr., but even he was sub par at best.  Heck this movie was short but I still found myself checking my watch wondering when the torture would end.  Do not see this movie.  That is my recommendation to you.  Did I mention that Ben Stiller directed this?)

Transformers – 4/10 (I put off seeing this movie because A) Michael Bay  B) it didn’t look good at all and I feel like I should have once again trusted my gut.  The plot was laughable at best as it ambles between scenes of robots destroying the city and corny attempts at humor (“there’s more than meets the eye” comes to mind).  I normally love John Turturro but I found him quite irritating in this role.  Much like I felt about most of the central characters.  It is time for Mr. Bay to retire.)

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