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calexico2 - Ranking Calexico

The latest in our “Ranking Them” series features one of my top 5 favorite bands, Caleixco.

Calexico has a brand new album “Carried to Dust” due out on September 9th (my review of the album will be out the same week), so I figured it was time to rate the 5 other full length albums in their catalog.

  1. Feast of Wire A (This was my album of the year for 2003, and still gets constant spins. Very well balanced)
  2. Black Light – A- (The album that really got me into the band, it is drenched in reverb and greatness)
  3. Hot Rail – B (While it has one of their best songs “Service and Repair” it doesn’t hit from start to finish like the first two on the list)
  4. Spoke – C+ (It is hard to judge this album because the new “live” versions of some of the songs on this album are so much better (i.e. “Wash”), but hey it was their first record)
  5. Garden Ruin – C- (This album was a step back in my eyes and showed some growing pains, too much fluff and not enough classic Calexico)

I have heard the new album and I must say that long time Calexico fans will be very pleased as it finds balance between their old sound and their new vast landscapes. Stay tuned for my track by track review come September.

Top 5 Calexico Songs:

  1. Sunken Waltz   (Feast of Wire)
  2. Service and Repair   (Hot Rail)
  3. Crooked Road and The Briar  (Even My Sure Things Fall Through)
  4. Missing   (Black Light)
  5. Quattro  (Feast of Wire)

Yeah I know a lot of slow songs made the list but I truly think they are their best songs.

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