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Throw down the Gauntlet

balloontrip7 - Throw down the Gauntlet

A few months ago I took it upon myself to trash the YouTube users who feel it necessary to post videos of themselves playing video games. This week I own up to what I said……


For those who owned Balloon Fight for the NES, you already know how addicting the “balloon trip” mode can be. I did a quick search on Youtube and found that a lot of the videos that were posted had a hard enough time beating the default “top score” (but hey, go ahead and post your video of you failing because that is what we all need to see).  So I put out the challenge to all FOH readers to beat my top score (as taken on my cell phone camera). For all of you Nintendo Wii owners, this game is available for download and it is well worth it.

The top score that I found on Youtube was 168,260 (which you can see I have beaten). If you set a record go ahead and drop me a line in the “comments section” with your top score. If you get a chance snap a picture and I will try to make a follow up post with top scores. I am expecting you to send me your “honest” score because to cheat on something as trivial as a video game would be pretty damn stupid.

Good Luck!!!


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