Dilla Ghost Doom – Sniperlite (review)

sniperlite - Dilla Ghost Doom – Sniperlite (review)

Two of my favorite MC’s rapping to the beats of one of my favorite producers…..sounds like a recipe for greatness to me.

Description from the Stones Throw site: In late 2005 Ghostface Killa and MF DOOM were both recording over tracks from J Dilla’s instrumental opus, Donuts, which saw release the following February. Some of these were released on Ghostface’s Fishscale in 2006, while others, including a Dilla-Doom project, were postponed indefinitely after J Dilla’s passing. Two of these tracks, “Sniper Elite” and “Murder Goons,” are presented here for the first time. The two are taken from two sequential songs off Donuts, meant to mix together. We are presenting the two songs unmixed, plus the two mixed together as a bonus track.

1. Sniper Elite Featuring Doom – 8/10 (The beats are top notch but this track is all to short for my tastes and M.F. doesn’t start rapping until 34 seconds into the 1:59 long song. His flow is still spot on and his rhymes are just as great normal.)

2. Murder Goons Featuring Ghost – 8.5 (This is some of Ghostface killa’s strongest material over the legandary beats of Dilla. A stronger singular track than the Doom track but most because Ghostface fills the track with rhymes so you feel like it could actually be a stand alone piece)

3. Sniper Elite & Murder Goons Bonus – 9/10 (Combined these tracks make one amazing, cohesive song. They don’t sound like they are improperly cut and pasted together as the flow from start to finish is consistent. This track is a great bonus and really make this 12″ well worth the digital purchase.)

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