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nkriot - Classic Indie Rock

If I told you that when a band opened for both Jimmy Eat World and Sunny Day Real Estate (as well as countless others) they blew them out of the water, would you believe me? Well that is what No Knife did during their hey day and they are the in the spotlight for this edition of “Classic Indie Rock”

No Knife scattered 4 solid full lengths from 1993-2003. They made a real sound for themselves with intricate guitar parts, stop start rythms, and great vocals. Starting off as more of a hard rock outfit on “Drunk On The Moon”, they spent the next album refining their sound by becoming tighter and more polished. Their middle two albums “Hit Man Dreams” and “Fire In The City Of Automatons” were their best, while their final album “Riot For Romance” had some solid hits but really sagged from start to finish. But all four discs have enough hits to justify owning them all. Think of a more refined version of Drive Like Jehu (and a little less fist pumping).

Suggested Listening:

  • Charming (Fire In The City Of Automatons)
  • Minus One (Fire In The City Of Automatons)
  • The Red Bedroom (Riot For Romance)
  • Permanent For Now (Riot For Romance)
  • Charades (Hit Man Dreams)
  • Roped In – Lock On (Hit Man Dreams)
  • Habits – (Drunk On The Moon)
  • Small Of My Back (Drunk On The Moon)

Listen: Charades

The Red Bedroom


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