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MLB Extra Innings – A review

extrainnings - MLB Extra Innings – A review

Well I am two months in to my second year with the MLB Extra Innings cable package so I guess it is time for a review.

The Good:

  • Up to 60 out of market games a week
  • A chance to follow your home town team from anywhere
  • Sometime in the near future we will get the MLB channel
  • A great chance to catch some of the great match ups not on cable tv.

The Bad:

  • No post game coverage and very little pre-game
  • The blackout restrictions still don’t make any sense. I have not been able to watch very many Reds games (because they are blacked out, but not on TV often here in Nashville)
    • (from Direct Tv)
      LOCAL BLACKOUT INFORMATION: If you live in a ZIP code that is within a Major League Baseball team’s territory, that team’s games will be blacked out from the MLB EXTRA INNINGS game package, but will generally be available as part of your regional sports network or team’s over-the-air affiliate television station. Blackouts protect the local rightsholders who arrange separate distribution agreements with the teams for their exclusive territories.
  • They do not cover enough of the Saturday afternoon games
  • I am a firm believer in having coverage from the home teams announcers. All too often (such as the Rays vs. White Sox games from the weekend) you get the out of town announcers, and frankly I cannot stand “The Hawk”. But setting my bias against “The Hawk” aside, maybe sometime down the road we will have the option to choose which telecast we get to watch.
  • No current archive of games, or way to pull up highlights with this service

Final Thoughts: While being able to watch so much baseball has been great, there are still a lot of kinks to be worked out with the current system. Last year I had both Extra Innings Pkg. and the MLB.TV Pkg. so that I could watch or listen to even more on my computer. They made great compliments to one another (but at a hefty price for the both) because with MLB.TV I had the option to re-watch a game or skim through for certain highlights, and also choose which radio coverage I wanted to listen to. If Extra Innings could work in some of these features, I would say that it is a must have even for a more casual fan, but as it currently sits, I would only recommend it to the hard core fan.

Score – 7/10

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